EXALTED@Wonko's: Through The Dragon's Woods

The Prey Hunt The Hunter [Session 4; 4 xp]

The Prey Hunt The Hunter [Session 4; 4 xp]

The party runs into a few snags on their race to catch the deathknight assassin, such as one of their horses drinking from a deathly river and dying, and several traps left for them by their target.

Luckily, the party member who lost his horse found and bonded with a Simhata that they happened to pass by (Familiar **).

On the way, a certain person of un-rememberable identity catches up and offers to help them with the whole encounter.

When they finally find her resting and hiding spot, they find themselves in a barren patch of forest. They can tell that Arvia is stuck in a cage inside the cave, and that there are traps set to kill her and whoever else goes in after her. Before they can free her though, the kidnapper reveals herself.

She introduces herself as Veil of Ebon Blades, a deathknight in the service of the Walker in Darkness. She attacks the characters, who dispatch of her through a clever set of serendipitous circumstances (See: lots of stunting and use of a resplendent destiny to make Veil want to get hit by Akumu’s blade).

Once dispatched, the party dismantles the trap and rescues Ariva, quickly heading back to Nexus. The Emissary, Gen, and Dvora greet them at the gate. The Emissary takes Arvia under his wing, and promises to protect her as she is a treasure of Nexus. He rewards the party quite heavily, and Arvia gets to see Gen again.

The party doesn’t have much time to celebrate however – Artemisia, in an attempt for revenge, has called in a Wyld Hunt and has revealed the identities of the party to the Immaculate Order. The group leaves for Larjyn, Koria’s home, one week later…

It's That Live-Action "Alice in Wonderland" All Over Again [Session 3; 4 XP]

It’s That Live-Action “Alice in Wonderland” All Over Again [Session 3; 4 XP]

Upon walking through Firewander for a bit, they end up in a labyrinth of flowers and vines (Lily’s Freehold). A voice introduces herself as Lily, and tells the party that the only way they’ll get out of her maze is to solve it, or give her Arvia in exchange for the way out.

The party, not being one to shake from challenges, takes on the maze. It transforms from a hedge maze to a luxuriously kinky maze, to a Mushroom and Pipe filled one. When the maze takes the final form the party has to deal with, Lily gets horribly confused. So do all of the members, save for one stubborn cat who apparently messed with the freehold’s effect enough to cause what Lily calls a “Plot Twist from Malfeas”. When the party walks out, they end up just inside the boundaries of Cinnabar.

Waiting for them is another group of Guild mercenaries, this time claiming to be from Hierarch Dvora Odom. The party goes to talk to Dvora, only to find out that Artemisia is actually a horrible person looking to sell Arvia’s safety in return for some more political power, and that both the Fae and a death cult worshiping the Deathlord Walker in Darkness want her.

The characters agree to not talk to Artemisia, and instead seek council with The Emissary. As they are waiting though, Lilac and five scales of Hobgoblins come to take Ariva by force.

Or they would have, if they hadn’t totally wrecked the scales of Hobgoblins and back Lilac in a corner while all of their Anima Banners were flaring. Lilac offers to take decent, actual care for all of the homeless children of Nexus in exchange for having her life spared (claiming that the defeats that her and her sister faced were more of a worthy tale anyway).

And that’s when the characters notice that a certain god-blooded seems to be missing. In her place lies a skull wrapped in black silk. Akumu recognizes this as a Abyssal assassin calling card. The Emissary arrives then, offers the party five extremely fast horses, and tells them that the assassin is probably heading toward Thorns, the nearest shadowland that he knows of.

...Well, I Guess It's A Living [Session 2; 4XP]

…Well, I Guess It’s A Living [Session 2; 4XP]

The party and their followers arrive in Nexus just in time to be met by some guards wearing Guild symbols on their armor.

They claim to be representatives of Hierarch Artemisia Sapphire. She offers the group a reward for the safe recovery and delivery of Free Spirited Arvia a god-blooded woman who lives in an abandoned Manse in Old Hollow.

After some haggling to get a better reward for their hard earned labors (due namely to the excellent debating skills a kitten in a full suit of super-articulated plate can offer to it’s owner), they headed over to a Copper Foundry in the Nighthammer District. As they head there, one of the characters notices a woman with golden blonde hair giving money and trinkets to some of the homeless children in the Nexus District. Once they arrive, they head down a slag tunnel that “will be out of use for at least a week more”.

Or so they were told – upon all of them jumping down the tunnel, they found a stream of molten copper following them. Everyone made it out okay, but with the original path blocked by now-cooling metal, a new path home would have to be found.

After wandering through the ruins, they find the Manse in question. Upon entering, the party found 13 iron constructs standing guard. After trying to inspect the one that looked different, they get surrounded by the now awake Iron War-Golems. After the ensuing fight, both all of the Golems and the entire entrance hall into the Manse are completely destroyed.

As the party runs into the Manse proper, they here a woman scream. They find four Hobgoblins attempting to mess with the golden blonde hair woman from earlier. Due to a certain someone having their Anima Banner still flaring, the Hobgoblins quickly run away.

The woman introduces herself as Free Spirited Ariva, and after finding out about what exactly happened to the way they arrive at her home offers to take them through an alternate route.

One that just happens to go namely through the Firewander District.

Anyone Seen My Pants? [SESSION 1; 4 XP]

Anyone Seen My Pants? [SESSION 1; 4 XP]

The group wander into the Great Forks, only to be parted with some of their possessions. They all form some sort of party, eventually catch and confront the thief Cidnis, and learn of his tale.

The session ended with the party convincing Talespinner to let Koria go. It didn’t come without a cost, however. Talespinner threatened that they would wind up facing death and that they would meet a grisly end at the end of “The Oddest of Months” if they continued to try and help her.

The party decided to help Koria get back to Larjyn, and headed to Nexus for some much needed supplies.


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