EXALTED@Wonko's: Through The Dragon's Woods

The Prey Hunt The Hunter [Session 4; 4 xp]

The Prey Hunt The Hunter [Session 4; 4 xp]

The party runs into a few snags on their race to catch the deathknight assassin, such as one of their horses drinking from a deathly river and dying, and several traps left for them by their target.

Luckily, the party member who lost his horse found and bonded with a Simhata that they happened to pass by (Familiar **).

On the way, a certain person of un-rememberable identity catches up and offers to help them with the whole encounter.

When they finally find her resting and hiding spot, they find themselves in a barren patch of forest. They can tell that Arvia is stuck in a cage inside the cave, and that there are traps set to kill her and whoever else goes in after her. Before they can free her though, the kidnapper reveals herself.

She introduces herself as Veil of Ebon Blades, a deathknight in the service of the Walker in Darkness. She attacks the characters, who dispatch of her through a clever set of serendipitous circumstances (See: lots of stunting and use of a resplendent destiny to make Veil want to get hit by Akumu’s blade).

Once dispatched, the party dismantles the trap and rescues Ariva, quickly heading back to Nexus. The Emissary, Gen, and Dvora greet them at the gate. The Emissary takes Arvia under his wing, and promises to protect her as she is a treasure of Nexus. He rewards the party quite heavily, and Arvia gets to see Gen again.

The party doesn’t have much time to celebrate however – Artemisia, in an attempt for revenge, has called in a Wyld Hunt and has revealed the identities of the party to the Immaculate Order. The group leaves for Larjyn, Koria’s home, one week later…



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