• Caius Joran

    Caius Joran

    A Chosen of Serenity who is allied with the Gold Faction. Helps the group initially due to Oversight sending him to help out with the Arvia affair.
  • Cidnis


    A River Dragon-based beastman, who also happens to be the Great Forks "Mysterious Bandit". Is friends with Koria, and was trying to raise enough of a bounty on his head to exchange himself for her freedom. (Follower *)
  • Duke


    Colban's Familiar. Happens to be a cute kitten who (because of his owner's fear of any harm falling upon the kitty) is constantly surrounded by a full suit of Super Articulated Plate Armor.
  • Free Spirited Ariva

    Free Spirited Ariva

    The child of Gen, she's more or less the "spirit " of Nexus. Also happens to be wanted by two of the forces wanting to tear the nation apart.
  • Gen, God of Nexus

    Gen, God of Nexus

    Former God of Hollow, was grandfathered into being the God of Nexus. Also fell in love with a female slave and had a child with her. Due to the laws in Nexus forbidding the buying and selling of slaves, he wasn't allowed to stay with her. He decided to ha
  • Hierarch Artemisia Sapphire

    Hierarch Artemisia Sapphire

    One of the heads of the Guild. Turned out to be attempting to use Arvia to cause Nexus some form of harm. Really, she's just a big, greedy jerk.
  • Hierarch Dvora Odom

    Hierarch Dvora Odom

    One of the oldest of the heads of the Guild. Acts like a kind of aunt to Arvia (to the point of her being labled "Auntie Dvora" by Arvia), and one of the people responsible for keeping Arvia safe from those who would do her harm.
  • Koria


    We freed her from tale spinner and are taking her home to Larjyn, the capital of the Republic of Chaya. She said they will reward us greatly.(Follower *)
  • Lilac


    A Fair-Folk, and sister of Lily. She seems to be made entirely of the flower she's named after. Was in cohoots with Artemisia Saphire to kidnap Arvia
  • Lily


    A Fair-Folk, and sister of Lilac. She seems to be made entirely of the flower she's named after. Was in cohoots with Artemisia Saphire to kidnap Arvia
  • Talespinner


    A storyteller that found out that he was going to die 2 days after calibration. In order to live he started telling a story day by day to the gods Luna (The Moon), Sol Invictus (The Sun) and Saturn (The Maiden of Endings). He stopped just shy of the endin
  • The Emissary

    The Emissary

    Founder of Nexus, and a Really Powerful Guy who you Shouldn't Mess With
  • Veil of Ebon Blades

    Veil of Ebon Blades

    Veil is a woman obsessed. She will stop at nothing to follow her master’s orders in returning Arvia to the Deathlord. She will let no other earn her master’s approval for this mission, and will stoop to any length to get her prey. One of the Walker's
  • Walker in Darkness

    Walker in Darkness

    Deathlord. Has his own Abyssals. Pretty Bad Dude.