EXALTED@Wonko's: Through The Dragon's Woods

Anyone Seen My Pants? [SESSION 1; 4 XP]

Anyone Seen My Pants? [SESSION 1; 4 XP]

The group wander into the Great Forks, only to be parted with some of their possessions. They all form some sort of party, eventually catch and confront the thief Cidnis, and learn of his tale.

The session ended with the party convincing Talespinner to let Koria go. It didn’t come without a cost, however. Talespinner threatened that they would wind up facing death and that they would meet a grisly end at the end of “The Oddest of Months” if they continued to try and help her.

The party decided to help Koria get back to Larjyn, and headed to Nexus for some much needed supplies.



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