EXALTED@Wonko's: Through The Dragon's Woods

...Well, I Guess It's A Living [Session 2; 4XP]

…Well, I Guess It’s A Living [Session 2; 4XP]

The party and their followers arrive in Nexus just in time to be met by some guards wearing Guild symbols on their armor.

They claim to be representatives of Hierarch Artemisia Sapphire. She offers the group a reward for the safe recovery and delivery of Free Spirited Arvia a god-blooded woman who lives in an abandoned Manse in Old Hollow.

After some haggling to get a better reward for their hard earned labors (due namely to the excellent debating skills a kitten in a full suit of super-articulated plate can offer to it’s owner), they headed over to a Copper Foundry in the Nighthammer District. As they head there, one of the characters notices a woman with golden blonde hair giving money and trinkets to some of the homeless children in the Nexus District. Once they arrive, they head down a slag tunnel that “will be out of use for at least a week more”.

Or so they were told – upon all of them jumping down the tunnel, they found a stream of molten copper following them. Everyone made it out okay, but with the original path blocked by now-cooling metal, a new path home would have to be found.

After wandering through the ruins, they find the Manse in question. Upon entering, the party found 13 iron constructs standing guard. After trying to inspect the one that looked different, they get surrounded by the now awake Iron War-Golems. After the ensuing fight, both all of the Golems and the entire entrance hall into the Manse are completely destroyed.

As the party runs into the Manse proper, they here a woman scream. They find four Hobgoblins attempting to mess with the golden blonde hair woman from earlier. Due to a certain someone having their Anima Banner still flaring, the Hobgoblins quickly run away.

The woman introduces herself as Free Spirited Ariva, and after finding out about what exactly happened to the way they arrive at her home offers to take them through an alternate route.

One that just happens to go namely through the Firewander District.



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